Awake Ep

Intended Creation’s debut Ep “Awake” was released April 29, 2011, and features a selection of seven pieces exploring genre and style, instrumentation, improvisation, random selection, and the element of chance.  The Ep received excellent reviews from a variety of indie publications, secured feature spots in music and entertainment blogs, and spent a number of weeks in rotation on college and triple A radio stations across North America.  The Ep features Mark Healy on alto sax, Rain Willow on cello, Michael Franklin on keyless wooden flute, Elke Eble on french horn, and Christa Golding on acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keys, vocals, and percussion.  The album was mixed and mastered by Kaylub Hyde for Eardrum Valley Studios.
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“This ain’t rock, pop, disco, jazz, blues, rap, country, R&B, electronica, metal, alternative or classical; none of the above. Awake is simply a form of art and a music experiment that will open your eyes & ears.” -Jimmy Rae, Skope Entertainment


   “Intended Creation is a fusion of jazz, pop, folk and rock, melded together in such a way that it challenges the mind while it is pleasing to hear. Whether hammering on a piano, plucking a guitar or bashing dissonant percussion, multi-instrumentalist Christa Golding is nothing short of a musically-creative dynamo.”

-Mark Morton, Music Emissions



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